What a great year it has been!

This year brought the integration of my La Vie Childfree blog, LiveTrue Book collection site, and my author site all into one — Here! It is the hub of where to find my books, the LiveTrue Bookstore, information on my services, writings and more. This year I’ve helped many people bring… their books and eBooks to life, internationally broadened my communications services client base, and continued to get my latest book, The Baby Matrix out there.

To celebrate the holiday season and express my gratitude to You, from now through the rest of the year here are two offers for you:

* Get 50% OFF the direct download digital version of The Baby Matrix 

And /Or

* Get the first 5,000 words of any editorial project FREE. To redeem, email me at [email protected] before January 1, 2014 with Holiday Offer in the re line (Offer can be used anytime from Jan – June 2014)

champagneWishing you the best in 2014 – May it be your most amazing year yet!


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