In talking to people without children by choice for all over, many of them lament how hard it is to find other like minded people to socialize with.  When researching Families of Two, I learned of a great social club called No Kidding! 

At the time it had a few chapters in the United States and Canada, and it continues to grow.  After searching for a social club for childfree couples and singles and finding that none existed, founder Jerry Steinberg decided to take the initiative and start a group on his own. Today, there are over 40 chapters in 5 countries.

Every year there is a No Kidding! Conferenceand this year it is going to be April 22-25 in Houston Texas. The conference is a great chance to socialize with member and non-member childfree.  There are scheduled social events and talks you can attend.  This year I’ll be one of the speakers on childfree topics and I invite you to come! Back in your area, if you would like meet others who do not have children, check into a chapter near you, and if there isn’t one, like Jerry would encourage you to do–take the initiative and start one!

While NoKidding! is the only one I know of that is childfree focused, there are other sites that are not “dating sites” but ones that can help you develop friendships and acquaintances.  A good one I have run across is called Not4Dating.  Designed to expand your social network, you can easily state a preference for meeting childfree in your profile.

To childfree out there, have you found it challenging to meet others who’ve made the same choice?  Tell us about your experience. If not, what are some ways you have developed your social network?

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