Watching Christine O’Donnell win this the primary in Delaware brought to mind other conservative pro-life women who ran in the primaries, some of whom are now going to be in the mid term elections. But let’s start with O’Donnell. Not only pro life, she goes even farther as an anti masturbation advocate! Insane. Now this clip is from …

..the 90s, when she led an anti-masturbation crusade. She was a leader in the Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth Ministry (SALT) and warned teens that masturbation is adultery. You might say that was then but she is still listed as the contact person on the 2009 SALT web directory…

Other pro-life candidates, hopefully not to the degree of being masturbation phobic, are Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, Senate candidate Sharron Angle from Nevada, Susana Martinez , candidate for governor in New Mexico, and Nikki Haley candidate for governor in South Carolina.

Jane Norton, lost the race for pro-life Senate candidate from Colorado. But Kelly Ayotte won, and will be pro-life Senate candidate from New Hampshire.

Who else am I missing on the pro life woman candidate to vote against?

I am all for more women at the top levels of government, but not when they are pro-life. A pro-life stance is about taking rights away, in this case taking away rights that have to do with women’s bodies. I just do not understand how a woman could think it is right to deny other women’s ability to make what are personal reproductive decisions and their constitutional rights.  As women, we need to respect other womens’ position on this issue, and not take positions that force our stance on them. When it comes to reproductive decisions, it’s not up to anyone to determine what is morally or personally right for others.

I realize that other issues, such as dissatisfaction with the dems with the economy, will drive votes this fall, and they are important to me too. But the right for women to make their own decisions when it comes to their reproductive life will always remain a cornerstone stance by which I cast my vote.


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