I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for the upcoming documentary by Anchored Minds Productions: Sense & Sustainability. Written and directed by Michael and Amanda Connolly, this is going to be one great film about overpopulation. Here is the synopsis:

In the words of Michael and Amanda:

In the feature-length documentary Sense and Sustainability we ask the simple, yet involved question, “Is a species set on endless growth sustainable?” In asking this question we must explore how many people can sustainably live on the planet if everybody were to live at an acceptable level of affluence (basic food security,fresh water availability, and a roof over head) and how it is possible to achieve true sustainability without breaking through the planetary boundaries as our numbers continue to grow.Laura Carroll, overpopulation

We are coming to the realization that the Earth is a planet with finite resources that can no longer support our perpetual lust for more. We aim to provide solution on stabilizing the environment and the economy. We ultimately hope to bring awareness to people that “it has never been a question of how many people the world can contain, but how many it can sustain”. Through this we believe that people will come to the conclusion that a species set on endless growth is unsustainable; and we hope that they will furthermore aspire to alter their lifestyle and become more conscious of how they affect the world around them.

We will achieve this all through taking the viewer on a journey of discovery. We introduce the audience to people well versed on a variety of subjects who gladly share their insight and knowledge. Intellectuals including Prof. Brian Richter an expert on water conservation, Prof. Sander van der Leeuw dean of the Global School of Sustainability, Bob Walker president of the Population Institute, and many many more. We provide data, facts, figures and graphs as well as footage from around the world to give the audience a visual of what is being discussed and encourage excitement on the topics.

The film has the support of great organizations dedicated to the issue of overpopulation, including: The Population Institute, Sustainable World Initiative, Population Media Center and CASSE The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy.

My book, The Baby Matrix, helped Michael and Amanda see how pronatalist beliefs about reproduction and parenthood play a powerful role in the overpopulation problem our world faces, and this is exactly what we discussed in the interview.

They are passionate awakening the masses to pronatalism and its negative impacts that it might just be the topic of their next documentary; to that I say, I Am In!


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