In September I wrote about pro-life women candidates running in the mid term elections. How did they do?

On pro-life female Senate candidates…

Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell lost to pro-choice Chris Coons in Delaware.

Senate candidate Carly Fiorina, lost to pro-choice Barbara Boxer in California.

Senate candidate Sharron Angle lost to pro-life Harry Reid from Nevada.

And Kelly Ayotte won the Senate seat for New Hampshire.

On pro-life female governors, Susana Martinez , candidate for governor in New Mexico won as the nation’s first Hispanic  female governor. Too bad she does not represent women’s reproductive rights.

Nikki Haley, candidate for governor in South Carolina won as the first Indian American female governor. Same goes for her too–does not rep women’s reproductive rights.

And Mary Fallen won over Jari Askins–Fallen too made history as Oklahoma’s first female governor. Even if Askins would have won she is pro-life as well.  I wonder how much of Fallen pulling the mommy card influenced voters, if at all…

Other female pro-life winners I am missing?  Just looking at these, seems there are more wins, thus more worries at the state level.

Back in June, Ramesh Ponnuru, senior editor at the National Review, in a Wall Street Journal essay disussed how if more pro-life women win their elections, it will “change the tenor of the national conversation about abortion” because conservative and liberal women politicians will be discussing abortion, not men with men, or men with women pro-choice politicians respectively.

Do you think enough pro-life women have won for Ponnuru’s point to have merit?

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